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Sebastian Bernabe


This artwork, entitled Hope, depicts an Indigenous woman who survived Residential School wearing an orange parka for Orange Shirt Day. She is shown against a background of green symbolizing Nature and Mother Earth. Also included are the flags of Canada and NWT, where many families grow up and survive. Over her head is a drawing of a tipi, a structure in which many Indigenous people were raised and called home. The nose is a symbol of river and water and white clouds and a raven flying! Here is a red hand for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and a poppy to remember them. On the woman’s head, the feather is her prayer of hope that women and girls will live happily together with their families. The dream catcher will protect her from bad dreams and will make sure she rests well. The mittens, moccasins, bear print, fire, Inukshuk, and tattoos symbolize Northern life. The artist interspersed drawing with playing the piano in creating this artwork.

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