Learning Around the Camp Fire: Developing Xàgots’eèhk’o

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Janat Ibrahimi
Kerry Lynn Durnford
Pertice Moffitt


In this paper, three scholars involved with the development of the journal share their insights and experiences. A vision for a new, online, and open access Northern journal was created through inclusive and collaborative meetings between Knowledge Holders, Elders, youth, and scholars. This allowed for the sharing of diverse knowledges, perspectives and experiences and led to the identification of the grounding concept of a campfire as a place where Northerners share knowledges. This is the intention behind Xàgots’eèhk’ò˛, a new journal by and for Northerners.

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Ibrahimi, J., Durnford, K. L., & Moffitt, P. (2022). Learning Around the Camp Fire: Developing Xàgots’eèhk’o. Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal, 1(1), 17–26. Retrieved from https://xagotseehkojournal.com/index.php/xgsk/article/view/4130
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