“It’s Possible” Joni Tsatchia’s Reflections on “Education in the North”

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Joni Tsatchia
Sara Komarnisky


In this interview, recorded in May 2021, Joni Tsatchia reflects on her educational journey, what led her to attend college and become a teacher, and on what education in the north means to her. In her reflections and recollections, Joni shares the importance of family, culture, and community in her experiences in education and shares ideas about how to ensure a vibrant, Indigenous culturally-centred, and uniquely Northern, mode of education into the future.

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Tsatchia, J., & Komarnisky, S. (2022). “It’s Possible”: Joni Tsatchia’s Reflections on “Education in the North”. Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal, 1(1), 84–91. Retrieved from https://xagotseehkojournal.com/index.php/xgsk/article/view/3810
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